Regsitered Clinical Counselling.

When the problem isn’t just how you move, but maybe that you don’t want to move. If you feel that life is overwhelming, and that you are unable to cope.  Or if it is just hard to get out of bed and get going in the morning, counselling may be the answer.

Tyler Yost Med RCC.


      Since 2012, Tyler has worked as a Counsellor in Fraser Valley. Tyler has experience in working with both adults and children but has specialized experience in working with children and youth. He has provided service in various treatment settings including the public school system, and through a clinical internship with BC Child and Youth Mental Health. Tyler has a broad experience in supporting people with who struggle with their mental health including treatment for anxiety, depression, trauma, and loss.

      Tyler has built a reputation as a very capable grief counsellor. He credits this for his past volunteer work  with the Chilliwack Hospice Society. Tyler is passionate about supporting people and families through their grief and losses.

      His hobbies include alpine hiking/climbing, motor sports, and playing music.

     Tyler is excited to join the interdisciplinary team at ChiroMEDIX in Chilliwack BC.  He is accepting new clients and is available in the evenings as well as early appointment times for all you early birds.


The focus of Alpine Counselling in conjunction with ChiroMEDIX is to help the people of Chilliwack to cope with life’s up and downs.

Our personalized Plans Include:

• Assessment

• Action Plan

• Feedback

• Consistent Coaching

• Motivational Support

• Goal Setting


My Clients have benefited from:

• More joy

• Weight Management

• Increased resiliency

• increased coping skills

• Emotional stability

• Self Confidence

• Less stress

We can help you write your (more healthy) story!

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