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Dr Spencer Devenney

Chiropractor/Clinic Owner
ChiroMEDIX Chilliwack


Good morning I am Dr. Spencer Devenney. I am the clinic owner and clinic director for ChiroMEDIX here in Chilliwack BC. I want to tell you a little bit about me, I have been providing chiropractic care since graduating from CMCC in 2009, and have been working out of my own office since 2014. My current office has been a chiropractic clinic for over 30 years.

My Chiropractic story is somewhat typical in that, I don’t know of any Chiropractors who hadn’t been to a Chiropractor before they went to Chiropractic college. The first time I went to a chiro, I went for back pain and I was 18 years old, I was broken; to this day I still remember holding on to the roof of my car and the door, trying to figure out how I was going to get from my car to the clinic entrance. I eventually got there and after an exam and physical I was treated and WOW, did it feel better walking out of that office than I was walking into it. Walking out I felt like a million bucks. The rest as they say is… History

I might write a blog post with more depth about the story but that’s the outline. As for right now, I just want to say, I am so grateful to the people of Chilliwack who trust me when they are most vulnerable. It is not a trust I take lightly. Lets continue to get better together.

What’s your Chiropractic Story?

Do you struggle with debilitating migraines? or only minor annoying aches?
Back pain
Do you wake up feeling like the tin man in the wizard of Oz, and need an hour or two in order to get loosened up for the day?
Foot Pain
After a long day of being on your feet all day, are your feet sore, or tired?
Were you recently in a motor vehicle accident?

I have been under the care of many different chiropractors and physiotherapists over the past 18 years…

In 2010, I found Dr Devenney and at the end of my very first visit, I knew that I would be well taken care of…

He is very friendly and genuinely cares about the people he treats.  As a patient I know what matters most to him is how well my back is doing, and I do not leave his office until he is satisfied that I am properly adjusted and my questions are answered.  He takes as much time as is required to evaluate at every visit and never rushes to provide a “quick fix”

His professionalism and excellent ability makes him the best chiropractor I’ve ever dealt with.


Paralegal, Chilliwack BC

…Regardless of what ailment I complain about Dr. Devenney has always been able to help. He has a great attention to detail and makes the appropriate inquires to get to the source of the pain. I suffer from ruthless migraine headaches, but since visiting Dr. Devenney the number of headaches has decreased to almost non-existent. My quality of life has improved greatly since the headaches have diminished.

I would highly recommend Dr. Devenney to anyone… I will find excuses to travel to his new location to get relief.


Chilliwack B.C.

What is your Chiropractic Story?

We love to hear here about how Chiropractic has changed your life.