Chilliwack Chiropractor is called Magic Hands

Chiropractic sometimes feels like Magic

Origin Stories:

Okay… okay, origin story implies I am a super hero like wolverine… Anyone who knows me knows that the only superpower I might be able to claim is a super ability to practice chiropractic, I am not kidding, I have somehow been stuck with the moniker “magic hands” by one of my best friends.  That being said, Chiropractic is the real superhero.  I am not saying that I am better than any of my fellow Chilliwack Chiropractors, I am saying that I am so glad to be part of the team of Chiropractors in Chilliwack that work to get Chilliwackians feeling and moving better (is Chilliwackians even a word my spell check doesn’t think so, leave me a comment below and weigh in).   Today, I want to share a little bit about myself, and how my life has led me to become a Chiropractor here in beautiful if not smelly (sometimes… not as much as my brother seems to think) Chilliwack.

Say my name say my name:

I’m Doctor Spencer Devenney (French name but we say it very Italian IE Diviny, but Dad was born and raised in Belfast Northern Ireland.   So yeah that’s all you’re going to get about my name, call me anything you want except Mr. Devenney (that’s my Dad) or Dr Spencer, because that’s just weird.

My First Chiropractic Visit:

As I talked about in my quick little blurb on my website, I first went to a Chiropractor when I was 18 years old.  I remember waking up one morning, and feeling as if someone had stabbed me in my back when I went to roll out of bed.   HOLY COW!  I couldn’t move without feeling like I was going to die.  Thank goodness the boss (my Dad) was sympathetic to my plight, because he had experienced this same agony before.  He gave me the day off and sent me to his Chiropractor.  I am lucky, I was in a family that “believed in” Chiropractic (more on believing in Chiropractic in a later rant/post).  I remember struggling to move, the simple act of getting into the car was an ordeal.  Have you ever had back pain?  Of course you have, wait… you haven’t?  Okay well you had better knock on wood because stats say life time prevalence of back pain is 80%.  Which is a fancy way of saying that the nerdy science type dudes who play with numbers all day have found that 80% of the population of Chilliwack will experience the joys of back pain in their lifetime.  I found out that day that I had taken something very important for granted.  Funny how that goes, when it ain’t broke we don’t think twice about it (or at least I didn’t) but when its broken you soon realize what a vital role your spine plays in your ability to move.   Wow that was a little bit of a tangent, okay back on track, I was in agony…

So I struggled into the car, I struggled to push in the clutch (dang manual transmission), I struggled to get out of the car, I struggled to sit down it the waiting room, and then I really struggled to get out of the seat in the waiting room.  I spent probably 25-30 min he asked me a bunch of questions, about when it had started and where it hurt… BLAH BLAH BLAH, the only thing I really wanted to know was “am I going to walk again”.  He did get to that part, he said something about subluxation this and pressure on a nerve that, and then he told me he thought he could get me better.  Being a gullible teenager (18 year old) I believed him.  And then believe it or not he put me on my side and he sort of jumped on me, and things popped and cracked and then it was over.  SERVIOUSLY, what the heck!  The Dude JUMPED on me, when I was hurting like a 3 degree sunburn on the 1st of July why on earth would he do that?!


When I look back on it now it didn’t actually hurt (when he took what felt like a flying leap at me), it should have, or at least I thought it would, but it actually didn’t.  It was more of a surprise than anything.  Once the initial shock wore off and I started paying attention, I could move!  It was an honest to goodness miracle!  Originally getting on the table was an ordeal, you try laying down on your stomach on a table (that’s like 3 inches wide) when you want nothing more than to be as stiff as a board because that is the only position that is bearable, and some of my current patients can probably related.  Yet when all was said and done I was better! I could roll off the table without wanting to scream.  It wasn’t all gone, but WOW!  I could move again.  I could have hugged the guy, but that was pushing the limits of doctor patient relations so after a good solid manly handshake I was on my way again.

The next day or two things started to be sore again, but nothing like that first day, and I went back for a couple of follow ups that week,  and by the 3rd adjustment I was all back to normal (pun intended ;)

I didn’t choose to become a Doctor of Chiropractic right then but it was definitely the start of my journey towards my profession.


Leave a comment below and tell me about your Chiropractic story.  Or if you feel the need correct me on my grammar or spelling errors of which there may be some.  You won’t offend me, just remember that you might be putting your life in my hands at some point, so be kind ;)